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Welcome to Mise Eile

Mise Eile is a holistic and experiential approach to sexuality education. Mise Eile supports young people to understand the physiological, social, and emotional changes they experience as they mature. Mise Eile offers a space for young people to develop healthy and rewarding relationships and make wise, informed and responsible decisions on sexuality matters.

PHYSICAL; Physical sexual maturation and intimacy.

SOCIAL; Sexual norms and behaviors and their legal, cultural and societal implications.

EMOTIONAL; Sexual attitudes and feelings towards self and others.

ETHICAL; Values and moral systems related to sexuality.

"Sexual Education is a holistic effort provided by an amalgam of
different facilitators. Effective sexuality education acknowledges the role of parents, teachers, peers, health and social care

(Review of International Literature on Role of Outside Facilitators in Delivery of School Based Sex Education. Crisis Pregnancy No. 22.)

Mise Eile's Ethos

Mise Eile is committed to enriching through experiential learning the lives of the people it works with.

Mise Eile Programme

Mise Eile is a Relationship and Sexuality program for Transition Year
students consisting of a 90 minute program over 6 weeks.Mise Eile enhances the existing S.P.H.E. programme in post primary schools.

"Comprehensive school based sexuality education acts as a building block for Sexual Health across the Life Span and therefore requires particular attention".

(Pan American Health Organisation / WHO , 2000 :25).

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